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A few months ago I had my first conversation with Ava about her wedding. It would be emotional. There would be A LOT of dancing. It was going to be in LA (hellllllo sunshine!) We would get the chance to collaborate again with good photographer friends Callaway Gable. It would be, in so many words, EPIC. I left that conversation giddy with excitement, and that excitement lasted all the way through the last shot we captured of the wedding.

Ava and Jeff are vibrant. They radiate a certain kind of warmth that seems to make everyone around them just…excited. And the day was certainly filled with ah-mazing firsts for us. It was the first time we shot a Persian wedding, which, let me tell you, are FUN. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a groom dance his way down the aisle (Jeff can BREAK IT DOWN), and it was my first time shooting alongside Lauren from Callaway Gable. Shout-out to Lauren, who I consider to be my photography spirit animal, and the rest of the Callaway Gable team, who consistently blow us away with how amazing their work is. (Check out the promo video we shot for them!)

The love that Ava and Jeff share is so palpable, so infectious, that it made our jobs incredibly easy to capture what was right there in front of us. Their personalities are perfectly aligned with LA — bright, sunny, and gorgeous. I mean, aren’t they such a stunning couple?

Ava and Jeff, you are truly awesome, and we are thrilled to have captured your big day! I’ll think of you two every time I’m sitting in the beautiful California sunshine!

Many thanks to the Palihouse, and The Taglyan Complex for providing such cool backdrops for the day. The song in the trailer is “On We Go” by The Uglysuit licensed through The Music Bed.

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  1. avatar Kaitlin Lang says:

    you know a wedding is good when you wish you were there in the midst of complete strangers and partying with them…. GREAT video!

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