Amol and Tara’s Indian meets western wedding | Long Haul Films Phoenix, Arizona wedding videography

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To me, Amol has always been kind of a superhero. He’s the big brother of one of my best friends- the guy who let us crash at his apartment in college and took us out for fun adventures in New York. My very favorite story of Amol took place on a night out in London. We met up outside Leicester Square tube station and as we were chatting, we heard a scream. It came from a woman nearby– a man snatched her purse and was running off at high speed. Amol did not pause, he did not blink. He chased the crook down and got the woman her purse back.

Total superhero.

I got the chance to meet Tara in LA last year, and totally got why she and Amol are so perfect together. They’re both easygoing and laid back, but also passionate and so much fun to be around. They both work in the entertainment industry in LA: Amol is an actor and Tara is a make-up artist. Seeing their happiness makes me feel all gooey inside, and so I was very excited that team Long Haul was going to be there to capture Amol and Tara’s wedding in Phoenix, Arizona. And what a wedding it was; reflecting both of their backgrounds across several days, two ceremonies, a raucous Baraat and some of the most beautiful, blue-sky weather imaginable for late December.

Amol and Tara, we wish you the very best for a married life full of adventure, fun and magic. And Tara, anytime you need a superhero you don’t have to look far….

Song is “Always Been You” by Marie Hines licensed from The Music Bed.

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