When the French teacher met the game designer | Jenna and Toby’s Willowdale Estate Wedding Trailer by Long Haul Films

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy quite close by, there was a girl named Jenna, who designed video games. In that very same galaxy lived a boy named Toby. He spoke many languages but had yet to learn the language of love.

Toby took Jenna out on their first date. Jenna’s Father texted her every half hour to make sure that Toby wasn’t an evil wizard in disguise, hell-bent on kidnapping Jenna and locking her away in a lonely tower. It turned out that Toby was not an evil wizard. He was, in fact, much more like a charming Prince. Twelve hours into the date, Jenna and Toby hadn’t run out of things to talk about and they were forced to part ways only so they could catch the last T home. The Prince had found his Princess.

The valiant Prince Toby battled his way to the Willowdale Estate with the aid of his trusty Nerf gun. There, Princess Jenna and Prince Toby stood in front of a curtain of colorful paper swans and spoke their vows to each other. Just for a little while, the world held its breath. The breeze stilled. The birds hushed. The universe smiled approvingly. And as they danced away the evening, beneath the twinkling stars, the French teacher and the game designer knew they would live happily ever after. The end? No, it’s only the beginning!

Thanks to the wonderful team who worked on this wedding including:

  • Talented photographer Megan Dandeles
  • The epic band Now and The Forevers (who we don’t mind admitting are our new band crush- SO GOOD!)
  • The amazing team at The Willowdale Estate who were incredibly easy to work with and treated us so well. Not to mention being an absolutely beautiful and magical location. Wishing we could work there every weekend.
  • Toby’s morning run was inspired by The November Project. Learn more about them here.

The song (which we cannot get out of our heads!) is “Into the Space” by Young Oceans licensed from The Music Bed


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  1. Beautiful. And the guy in the grey shirt is a sick dancer! xo

  2. avatar Melissa says:

    Oh man, it was hard to decide which footage of his dancing to include! Moves Like Jagger!

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