Aaron and Andrew Best Days Music Video Stills | Long Haul Films first music video shoot

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Back in August, Long Haul Films shot our first music video. The song is called “Best Days” from the band Aaron and Andrew who make uplifting, guitar-driven pop that’s been featured on television networks including CBS, MTV, E! and Showtime. We first came across these guys when they submitted “Best Days” for the soundtrack to 24 Hours At The South Street Diner. We liked it so much that we used it as the first song in the film.

Earlier this year, we started talking to Aaron and Andrew about making a music video and presented concepts for two different songs- the upbeat “Best Days” and the more moody “All Over Again”. Our idea for the “Best Days” video was the more complex, challenging, crazy and ambitious concept. And the one we were hoping they’d pick (hey, we like being outside of our comfort zone). We were excited when they loved the “Best Days” concept…. then quickly became terrified about how we’d pull off a shoot that required several locations, a car crash, a rain machine, plenty of costume changes and dozens of extras. Not to mention the bird poop.

After many weeks of preparation and a few sleepless nights, we filmed with the band over 3 days in August. . And the title “Best Days” summed up the experience perfectly. Aaron and Andrew were so cool, so laid back, so fun to work with and so totally willing to be subjected to any form of torture we put them through in pursuit of a great shot. All of our planning and preparation paid off– the shoot was pretty much seamless, our DIY rain machine worked perfectly…. although we did have to spend some time honing our bird poop simulation techniques.

The video is almost ready for its world premiere, but in the meantime we wanted to give you a behind the scenes sneak peek from the “Best Days” shoot. All photos are courtesy of the talented Mia Malchow. Stay tuned for more photos from day two and three.

Andrew in the first of his many costumes

Andrew in the first of his many guises for the video


Aaron prepares for his close-up

Aaron prepares for his close-up


Tom and Melissa from Long Haul Films on The Best Days Set

Tom & Melissa doing fancy important things on set


Tom from Long Haul Films with Aaron from Aaron and Andrew on the set of Best Days

One of the many compromising positions we put Aaron in during the shoot


Aaron from the band Aaron and Andrew on the set of "Best Days" music video shoot

Aaron grabs a break between takes


Melissa from Long Haul Films on the set of Aaron and Andrew's "Best Days" video

Melissa watches back a scene


Aaron and Andrew on the set of the "Best Days" music video

Aaron and Andrew film the last scene of day one


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    Can’t wait to see this World Premiere!

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