Courtney and Matt’s stunning Crane Estate Wedding | Long Haul Films Best of Boston Wedding Videographers

September 11, 2014 by Melissa No comments »

In the moment. It can be hard to get there. We spend our days trying to do a million things, running a little faster, accomplishing a few more tasks. We fret about what we haven’t achieved and worry about what lies ahead.

When Courtney and Matt are together, however, you can see that they are two people living in the moment. We saw it when we first met them, on the beach at Plum Island the day before their wedding, where we met for a special pre-wedding shoot (and if any other clients want to head out on the beach with us at sunrise, just say the word and we are THERE). We saw it as they exchanged vows with each other, standing at the crest of the rolling hills at The Crane Estate (that place is so gorgeous it should definitely be in Paris). We saw it as Courtney and Matt sat at their reception listening to speeches from family and friends; Courtney resting her cheek on Matt’s shoulder.

When these two are together, there is nowhere else they’d rather be.

The Crane Estate was not only the ideal romantic backdrop for Courtney and Matt’s celebration, it was also the setting for a pretty special reunion. For it was there, just two years ago, that we first worked alongside LA wedding photographers Callaway Gable. It was pretty much love at first right for us and Callaway Gable and we’ve been lucky to work on many other projects with this talented team over the past couple of years. After a few recent shoots in LA, we loved having them back on our turf in Ipswich. Brian and associate Lauren, thanks for a great day of collaboration.

The Long Haul team wants to say a big ol’ congrats to Courtney and Matt. Thanks for sharing so many magical moments with us, and here’s to many more ahead.

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#ProjectAdventure Week 24: A lens on my 30s with photography by Meghan Davidson

September 8, 2014 by Melissa 5 comments »

600 Color_Melissa_Manzanita Beach_rs

My 30s have been quite a time. A period of freedom and self-discovery. Travel and exploration. Pushing boundaries and accepting limitations. I have learned to believe in my power. I’ve grown comfortable in my skin and forgiving of my flaws. Sometimes, I can even love them.

And so this year, as part of Project Adventure, I wanted to document this glorious, rich, fulfilled time of my life. I asked my dear friend and talented film photographer Meghan Davidson if she would take some photographs of me while we were on our annual creative retreat in Manzanita, Oregon. I told her I wanted to capture the passion, spirit and strength of my 30s. Here are some of my favorites.

600 Color_Melissa_Free People_rs

600 Color_Melissa_Profile Outside_rs

600 Color_Melissa_Lying Bed_rs


600 Color_Melissa_Hotel Chair_rs

A huge thank you to Meghan for coming on this adventure with me. I can’t think of a better person to have captured me on this stage in my journey. For Meghan’s take on the experience, hop on over to her blog, Life Refocused

The review of the Movi M5 for weddings

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Back in June, LensProToGo let us borrow a Movi M5 for the weekend. And over on we shared our thoughts about it as a tool for wedding filmmaking. For us the big question was: should we ditch our trusty Steadicam Pilot and jump into bed with the Movi? For the answer you’ll have to watch the review. is our blog celebrating the very best in wedding filmmaking from around the world and you should totes go check it out and watch some cool stuff. Also, like it on Facebook.

BostInno’s BostonFest Coolest Companies Video: Long Haul Films Boston video production

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We almost forgot to share this one, which is a shame because it’s a goodie. If you missed BostInno’s BostonFest event a few weeks back, you can re-live all the magic and mayhem in this here video.

Plus find out what makes so many Boston companies so darn cool.

And fun timelapses. So there. Enjoy.



Project Adventure Week 32: A sunrise kayak trip in Maine

August 19, 2014 by Melissa 2 comments »

A couple of weeks ago, I took a road trip to Maine to visit one of my favorite photographers, Leah Haydock. Leah has been a big proponent of Project Adventure, regularly sending me ideas and encouragement. So I knew we’d find some way to adventure together in Maine. And that’s how we ended up rising at 5:30 AM, still a little hungover from a bit too much wine the night before, and setting out on a sunrise kayak trip.

I could write about what a beautiful adventure this was but I think the photos, taken by the talented Leah Haydock herself, are worth more than a thousand words….




I also saw Leah’s inner wildlife photographer come out… she got very in to taking photos of the loons…


It was a pretty great way to start the morning, and I can’t wait for my next trip to Leah’s place in Maine.


And neither can pup. He had his own boating adventure during our weekend away, captured on my iphone…


Huge thanks to Leah for hosting me in Maine, and for capturing this adventure. This one will go down as a favorite.