The review of the Movi M5 for weddings

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Back in June, LensProToGo let us borrow a Movi M5 for the weekend. And over on we shared our thoughts about it as a tool for wedding filmmaking. For us the big question was: should we ditch our trusty Steadicam Pilot and jump into bed with the Movi? For the answer you’ll have to watch the review. is our blog celebrating the very best in wedding filmmaking from around the world and you should totes go check it out and watch some cool stuff. Also, like it on Facebook.

BostInno’s BostonFest Coolest Companies Video: Long Haul Films Boston video production

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We almost forgot to share this one, which is a shame because it’s a goodie. If you missed BostInno’s BostonFest event a few weeks back, you can re-live all the magic and mayhem in this here video.

Plus find out what makes so many Boston companies so darn cool.

And fun timelapses. So there. Enjoy.



Project Adventure Week 32: A sunrise kayak trip in Maine

August 19, 2014 by Melissa 1 comment »

A couple of weeks ago, I took a road trip to Maine to visit one of my favorite photographers, Leah Haydock. Leah has been a big proponent of Project Adventure, regularly sending me ideas and encouragement. So I knew we’d find some way to adventure together in Maine. And that’s how we ended up rising at 5:30 AM, still a little hungover from a bit too much wine the night before, and setting out on a sunrise kayak trip.

I could write about what a beautiful adventure this was but I think the photos, taken by the talented Leah Haydock herself, are worth more than a thousand words….




I also saw Leah’s inner wildlife photographer come out… she got very in to taking photos of the loons…


It was a pretty great way to start the morning, and I can’t wait for my next trip to Leah’s place in Maine.


And neither can pup. He had his own boating adventure during our weekend away, captured on my iphone…


Huge thanks to Leah for hosting me in Maine, and for capturing this adventure. This one will go down as a favorite.





Project Adventure Week 31: Juice cleanse (ugh)

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This has been my most fun summer in a while. And with that has come a little over-indulgence. Beer, ice cream, lobster rolls (and more lobster rolls). The time felt right for a healthy adventure, and I decided to try something that I’d long contemplated but never tried: A JUICE CLEANSE.

I love juice. And healthy food in general. But the thought of going for days without eating any solid foods filled me with dread. I decided a one-day cleanse was the most I could commit to, and I convinced Tom to join me. To keep things simple, we decided to buy freshly made juice from some of our favorite local spots. We started the day by taking the dog for a long walk and getting a kale juice in Downtown Crossing.


I felt pretty good starting the day, but by about 10 AM my body was craving its usual bowl of granola and fruit and I was really, really missing coffee. I felt kind of hazy and not quite with it. Mainly, I just felt hungry and deprived. I then had the world’s most stressful morning of events at work, and by the time Tom and I dragged ourselves out for Juice 2, I felt like a husk of a person.


By the time the working day was over, the thought of getting another juice filled me with dread. It was less physical hunger, and more the sense of I CAN’T EAT ANYTHING!? SCREW THIS!

In my 20s, I struggled with yo-yoing weight and some pretty difficult eating issues. In my 30s, I found a balance that was all about moderation and not deprivation. I try to eat balanced, healthy meals that make my body feel good. Sometimes, though, I just want french fries. And so I go ahead and get some and don’t stress out too much about it. I’ve never felt better in my skin.

But doing this cleanse took me back to a way I used to be, when I wasn’t so healthy and it felt like a personal challenge to restrict my calories and deprive myself from food. Those weren’t good times, and neither was this “cleanse” for me.  It’s back to all things in moderation, a few less beers and maybe just the small lobster roll…. Sounds way more adventurous anyway, doesn’t it?

Thomas and Neal’s Vibiana Wedding | Long Haul Films LA Wedding Videographers

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Everything about Thomas and Neal’s wedding was fabulous, from the matching Tom Ford bow ties to the dazzling decor at Vibiana, the downtown Los Angeles location for their ceremony and reception.  The event was full of razzle-dazzle: there were dozens of singing and dancing performances, including a show-stopping rendition of “Anything Goes” from the grooms. It was star-studded (hello, Dr. Phil walking Neal down the aisle). It was loaded with glitz and glamor: we have never seen such a well-dressed gaggle of guests before, never mind how dapper Thomas and Neal looked in their suits.

But when it came time for us to create the wedding trailer, all of the above was overwhelmed by something much bigger and more powerful: Thomas and Neal’s deep and true love for each other. That’s why we chose to feature their vows, some of the most eloquent we’ve heard, in which Thomas and Neal shared the journey they’ve been on together for more than 20 years, as partners in love and in business (they own Mogul, a glamorous interior design store and service).

It’s why the moments that stood out the most weren’t necessarily the tango dancers (though they were awesome) or the big band performances (though they brought the house down) but rather, the intimate exchanges Thomas and Neal shared as they got ready together in the bedroom of  their beautiful home.  These small gestures– a smile, a touch, a single tear– tell you everything you need to know about how these two feel about each other. And if you want to know more, you only have to listen to their vows….

“My life began the moment I was born, but I began to live the moment I met you…”

We want to give three big shout-outs, to amazing photographers Callaway Gable, who photographed the wedding and whose work always blows us away. Also to Kelsey Events, coordinators extraordinaire who managed to juggle about a million balls to keep the day running smoothly. And to our friends at Vibiana. We filmed an event there last fall and have been itching to get back to shoot a wedding at this one-of-a-kind downtown LA venue. Filming there was everything we dreamed of and more, and we can’t wait to head back!

Music is The Best is Yet to Come by Joy Eternal licensed from The Music Bed.